We Trust Referrals

How many times have you asked someone: Do you know a good mechanic? Or—Who cuts your hair? Or—Have you seen a good movie lately?

We ask because we trust referrals and testimonials. Consumers' peer reviews carry more weight than expensive company advertisements ... and, Google recognizes that with its 5-Star rating system.

If you're wondering why business is slow, check your Google ratings. If you have a bad review, it needs to be fixed immediately. If you have fewer reviews than your competitors, guess where you land in Google searches.

When customers leave glowing reviews, it's a direct line to more visibility, trust in your business, and increased profits. We can help with video testimonials that direct your customers to speak to subjects that you define. Need to have a specific product review? Have your customers answer questions about it.

A face-to-face customer review always generates the best response—so, let your happy customers do the selling for you!

Video Sells!

When given an opportunity to read, versus watching a video—video wins hands-down! Facial expressions and voice tones convey a level of authenticity that can never be duplicated with mere words.

Why? Video captivates our interest on an emotional level.

Ordinary people just like us—explaining why they love your products and services—provide comfort levels akin to listening to a wise friend.

When you capture that emotion, you capture the attention of prospective customers, who suddenly feel more connected to your business. Their trust level increases and they are more likely to take action.

Personalize Your Brand

In our increasingly competitive world, personalizing your brand proves to be the winning solution for promoting your business and increasing sales.

When you have a physical connection to your customers or clients, it's possible to develop that rapport. When your business is online or is not directly linked to you, personalization becomes more of a challenge.

If face-to-face connections to customers are limited, why not create the same feeling with a customer-to-customer interaction? It's possible with video testimonials? It's also easy!

Just guide your selected customers with questions, review their answers, and approve their contributions. Then publish the videos to the venues of your choice with just a few clicks.

Use them in your marketing campaigns, to build trust and generate sales.


testimonials to:

Generate Ad Campaign Conversions

Fortune 500 companies have proven that ads with Social Proof boost conversions by 23%.

Create Virtual Sales People

Who better to sell your brand than your own customers? These are people who've used your products or services and are eager to share.

Reach New Clients

Video Testimonials not only evoke emotions, they connect with prospective clients, customers, and buyers in ways that you cannot. Words of praise for providing the perfect solution or the best service, build a solid trust factor beyond your reach.

Create Powerful Social Media Posts

Video is king! People prefer it to any other form of media. That's why you're seeing more video content than ever before. People also share videos more than they do text and images—twelve times more—according to a 2019 study.

Enhance Your Customer Follow-Up

When promoting a product or service, use your customer testimonies in follow-up campaigns. For instance, send out an email sequence with customer reviews that enhance understanding and inspire people to take action.

Dominate Google Search

Remember that Google 5-star rating? The more Video Testimonials you get on GMB (Google My Business) the higher you rank on Google and other platforms. Google search algorithms are designed to find the best products and services. Make yours rise to the top with Video Testimonials.

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Our mission is help you grow your business on an exponential basis—generating you more money than you would ever spend on our services.


Founder of Personalized Video Ads, LLC, Slavens has been an entrepreneur since 2000 as a personal historian [writing books and creating videos for families and businesses.] Expanding to a digital marketing agency allows her to help more businesses grow and flourish as they integrate video into their marketing strategies.

Use your testimonials anywhere you'd like to promote your products or services, build your client base, and convert more sales.

Provide your customers with a link and place it where it's most visible.

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2 out of 3 people say they'd be more likely to make a purchase after watching a testimonial video, demonstrating how a business, product or service had helped another person like them. —Wyzow

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