Personalized Video Ads, LLC is committed to protecting your privacy and freedom and will only process personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation. 

We will not sell, share, or distribute your information to companies or individuals that are not associated with Personalized Video Ads, LLC and its associates. 

We are committed to ensuring your right to privacy and will only process your personal data as it relates to setting up your company webpage in an onboarding process, that will allow you to use our platform for collecting client testimonials for your business. 

The Privacy Policy for Profile Account holders is an integral part of the Profile Account Terms and Conditions. Our aim is to be as clear, transparent, and as candid as possible. Personal data means any information relating to you as a natural person or representative of a company. Through which you can be identified directly or indirectly by the use of your name, email address, website, company logo, and other profile data needed to effectively gather information from your clients.

Your choice to create a Profile Account provides permission to Personalized Video Ads, LLC, to register and process your personal data and your activities while logged in and using our website. Your personal data, therefore, will be used on the legal basis that the processing is necessary in order to fulfill our requirements under the Profile Account Terms and Conditions.

Clients [customers, patients, or patrons], who agree to provide written or video testimonials for you and your company, will not have their names collected by Personalized Video Ads, LLC. 

The content they provide will be under the ownership of you and/or your business. By agreeing to provide testimonials to you, your clients are giving you the right to use their input for all forms of advertisement, including: Google My Business, Angi’s List, Home Advisor, social media ads, your website, emails, video sales letters, promotional videos, and other community outreach forms of communications.

This data will be stored on your business's webpage. Your personal data is retained as long as you are registered with an account. 

 Please note that testimonials provided by clients will not be stored indefinitely on your company webpage. After approving them, it is prudent to download them to a storage file on your computer.